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Dita and Perry Interview

Here’s a little interview that Dita and Perry did for Parajunkee! Enjoy!


Dita starting with you, how much fun is it to screw with humans?
Dita: It’s fun but there’s a lot of work in the day to day. I particularly enjoy messing with the Kardashians.
Perry: Ugh, you’re so mean. I happen to love them. Oh, remember Madonna? You made her go bananas in the 90’s.
Dita: (laughs) That was fun.

Dita, how hard is it to maintain your sanity living in close…

Let the beast out

“The room fell away as his eyes focused on the motions of his hand. His mind was still and quiet, and he was solitary inside as he moved to his right hand and began the dance again.
The world stopped as he retreated into his head, and he let the beast out of its cage on a thick, heavy chain. It roared under the surface of his skin, his control on it always paper thin. It bulged and strained against…