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His siren.

“Ares smiled at the memory as steam curled up around him. She had always been his siren, the one he couldn’t resist, the one that he would fight through Tartarus to have. He was addicted to her, and she was to him. They were Mars and Venus, man and woman. They were destined to be together, and he would show her. She would not deny him anymore. Not as long as he had breath.”
-Staci Hart, Snake in the Grass

SWOON and an excerpt, two bits.

And now, because I love you all so much, here’s an unedited teaser from Snake in the grass, along with some swoon.

(ps: Dillon is a bare knuckle boxer, and Ares’ player)

Dillon sat in the back of the warehouse, winding a wrap around his left wrist and palm methodically. The act was second nature, a comfort, a routine that quieted his mind. It was rhythmic; around wrist, around palm, back again, leaving his knuckles exposed.

The room fell away as his…