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Day 3! Meet Lex!

And here’s Lex, an artist and poet with a guarded heart.

Lex in under 100:
An artist and poet who works at a book shop. She’s never been able to fall in love, even though she’s had one boyfriend after another since she turned sixteen. Lex is afraid of love because she doesn’t want to get hurt, but when she meets Dean, she almost doesn’t have a choice. Her best friend, Kara, is her sounding board and a constant in her…

Day 2, meet apollo!

Meet Apollo, the ultimate nice guy who always ends up getting a bum wrap.

Apollo in under 100:
An honest, happy-go-lucky loner. He’s good at almost everything he does, but often gets a raw deal because he lacks the cut-throat attitude that most of the other gods possess. He’s the god of art, music, the sun, and prophecy, among other things. His twin sister, Artemis is his closest ally, and has been mourning the loss of his cursed love for thousands…

Meet Dita

It’s DAY ONE of the blog tour, and the big feature is DITA! Check out the goddess of love.

Dita in under 100:
A lover of love and all that surrounds it, though her own lovelife is a steaming hot mess. She’s lived through eons, and is one of the oldest of the Olympians, even older than Zeus. She’s friends with most everyone, though once she has a grudge, she hangs on to it for a very long time. Her best…