Hearts and Arrows Box Set



 Aphrodite knows hearts. Just don’t ask her to figure out her own.

It’s easy to look at everyone else’s love life and fix it. To see it from a distance and know how to make it work. A nudge here. A tweak there. She’s the original matchmaker — owning love since 3000 BC. But her own relationships are a tangled knot of lies and betrayal, love and lust. And when she finds out that everything she believes about her heart is a lie, everything changes.

Making human matches is the perfect diversion from her own messy life. There’s Lex and Dean, who can’t be together, no matter how much they want each other. Kat and Dillon, who would do anything to protect their siblings, even deny their hearts. And then there’s Jon and Josie, whose love is tainted by their past. Pouring herself into making the humans happy keeps her busy, even as her world crumbles.

But it’s time the goddess of love found a match of her own.

Book 1 – Deer in Headlights (Lex and Dean)
Book 2 – Snake in the Grass (Kat and Dillon)
Novella 2.5 – What the Heart Wants (Companion: Snake in the Grass)
Book 3 – Doe Eyes (Jon and Josie)
Book 3.5 – Fool’s Gold (Companion: Doe Eyes)

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