Have you seen? I’m working on a steampunk novel! Check out the cover and a teaser, and add it to your tbr on goodreads!nighthawk-full


Check it out on Goodreads –> https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22844133-nighthawk

In 1890, treasure hunting is the name of the game, and the Nighthawk travels the world in search of it. The airship has been Nathaniel Redgrave’s home since he was a boy, ever since he stowed away to escape the life he knew, but when he inherited the Nighthawk, there was no reason to look back. Nate’s well known for being able to retrieve what lies hidden in jungles and buried in deserts, skirting danger and his enemies as he travels to remote corners of the world in search of artifacts from ancient myth and legend.

Gemma Sinclair wouldn’t say she’d had it easy. The London brothel that she called her home was long behind her after being sold into slavery after her mother died, slavery of the worst kind, the kind reserved for the young and beautiful. But ever since she claimed her freedom and bought her pleasure ship, she’s traveled the world building clientele and her crew of courtesans, a band of exotic beauties trained in the acts of love and war, smuggling goods in their ship under the veil of the business of companionship.

When Nate and Gemma meet and band together in search of a treasure that would bring both of them unimaginable riches, there’s little that can stop them, though many will try.

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