Small Town

An enemies to lovers romantic comedy
A second chance romantic comedy
An enemies to lovers romantic comedy
The lost they’ve experienced has stopped them from moving on, until they’re forced together for a project doing what they love most–helping others.
She hasn’t seen her high school boyfriend in ten years, and now he’s back … running against her for mayor.
This British Lady has no idea what she’s in for with the filthy mouthed Tennessee baseball player.

Bennet Brothers

Inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, this clever gender-twist will leave you swooning.

Coming Up Roses, Book 1
Gilded Lily, Book 2
Mum’s the Word, Book 3

The Austens

Jane Austen inspired romances, from romcoms to tear-jerkers.

Wasted Words, Book 1
A Thousand Letters, Book 2
Love, Hannah, Book 3
Love Notes, Book 4
Pride and Papercuts, Book 5

Red Lipstick Coalition

Four best friends have their lives changed by a little tube of red lipstick.

Piece of Work, Book 1
Player, Book 2
Work in Progress, Book 3
Well Suited, Book 4


This tattoo parlor is the glue that keeps these friends together.

Tonic, Book 1
Tonic, Book 2

Bad Habits

These best friends learn about life, love, and heartache with a New York backdrop.

With a Twist, Book 1
Chaser, Book 2
Last Call, Book 3

Game of Gods

Gossip Girl meets Greek mythology in this contemporary fantasy romance series where the gods play with humans and Aphrodite never loses.

Game of Gods, Book 1
Blood of the Beast, Book 2
Dead of Night, Book 3