This lactose intolerant sunshiny city girl inherits a dairy farm with the grumpy farmhand, and neither is ready for the fireworks.
She’s been in love with him since the first time she laid eyes on him. But they have one summer together, and they’ve got to keep it casual. Except their hearts don’t get the memo.
When the dark and devilish suit from the oil company wants their bee farm, she’s certain the only trouble she’ll have is how fast to run him out of town. Too bad her heart is a terrible listener.
No one can have brooding Keaton Meyer, least of all sunshiney Daisy, but that won’t stop her from falling for the the most unavailable bachelor in town.
He left their small town and never came back, until now. And he’s running against her for mayor. All she has to do is remember why she hates him so much.
This British Lady has no idea what she’s in for with the filthy mouthed Tennessee baseball player.