SWOON and an excerpt, two bits.


And now, because I love you all so much, here’s an unedited teaser from Snake in the grass, along with some swoon.

(ps: Dillon is a bare knuckle boxer, and Ares’ player)

Dillon sat in the back of the warehouse, winding a wrap around his left wrist and palm methodically. The act was second nature, a comfort, a routine that quieted his mind. It was rhythmic; around wrist, around palm, back again, leaving his knuckles exposed.

The room fell away as his eyes focused on motions of his hand. His heart beat strong in his chest. He knew the ring, he lived the ring. His mind was still and quiet, and he was solitary inside as he moved to his right hand and began the dance again.

The world stopped as he retreated into his mind, and he let the beast out of its cage on a thick, heavy chain. It roared under the surface of his skin, his control on it always paper thin. It bulged and strained against him, pacing and watching. Waiting.

Photo credit: Parker Hurley via Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/pin/334392341051848478/

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